Following on from my last Blog I thought it’s only right that we talk ‘Endocannabanoids’.... I know it’s a mouthful right: Endo-Canna-Ban-Oids is how it’s pronounced, but what the heck are they? 

Well let me introduce you guys. 

ECS (Endocannabanoid system) is an awesome part of our internal health and well-being that should never be taken for granted and well nurtured. It is made up of 3 components: Endocannabanoids, Receptors & Enzymes.

Endocannabanoids are lots of molecules made by your very own body, compounds that are also found in the cannabis plant. Years of research suggests that the theory of ECS dysfunction could explain why some people develop migraines, fibromyalgia and IBS. 

Receptors are found throughout your body which bind together with ECS in order to communicate action that needs to be taken. I’ll explain that in a minute but first let me tell you about the two types of Receptors. We have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies. 

CB1 receptor is found in our nervous system which is responsible for our motor skills (both activity and co-ordination). Our Thinking, appetite, short term memory, & pain perception. Then it’s buddy CB2 is found in the peripheral nervous system especially our immune cells so looks after the organs. Respiratory system, skeletal muscles, bones, eyes, reproductive system, tumors, skin and gut. (Wow! Our bodies just blow my mind all the time)

How do they work together? Well they bind and communicate. Let me give you an example.... The ECS might target CB1 receptor in a spinal nerve to relieve pain whilst another may bind to CB2 receptor in your immune cells to signal that your body is experiencing inflammation. Pretty impressive huh? Can you imagine what would happen if your body was ECS deficient? Well if your body was experiencing pain or inflammation then the CB receptors would not have that signal from the ECS so the chances are your body wouldn’t know that it needs to respond and repair leaving you in a whole world of discomfort.

This is where CBD comes in to play and help boost your ECS. As there are cannabanoids found in the cannabis plant adding it to your daily routine will help give your ECS a huge boost. Now think about the responsibilities of the ECS... could there be a simple answer to helping you with any of your day to day niggles whether it’s sleep deprivation, anxiety, unhappy gut, achy joints, low immunity, brain fog... There are so many ailments that we experience and put up with today some of which we just don’t have to. (My chiropractor is amazing and he uses and recommends

All things hemp CBD oil and gummies

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